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Body-Blitz is a 60-minute - full-body, high intensity, circuit style group class. This workout combines the best of intense cardio with the most efficient and effective strength training, core conditioning and functional training techniques!

Be ready to show up, sweat, strengthen and sculpt your body so that you look and feel great in your favorite pair of jeans!!!

Click "Try Body-Blitz" below to try Body-Blitz for just $5.

For just $25 per class, you can burn 500 calories per session at our beautiful uptown studio at 214 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy.

We offer 3 different levels during the cardio phase: walking, jogging and running to accommodate all fitness levels. Our instructors will encourage you, motivate you and come along side of you in order to help you work harder, get stronger, and become more excited about exercise and proper nutrition.

Award Winning Trainers. Award Winning Fitness.

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"Salire Fitness Body Blitz is serious when it says it blast calories. This interval-based workout is interesting, intense, and fast-paced. The trainers are encouraging and upbeat—pushing me to my limits during each drill. This format keeps things exciting, and the hour manages to go by incredibly quick!"


"I have been attending Body Blitz for about two weeks now and it is awesome! Body-Blitz helps me to release all the day's stress, frustration and tension and I'm much more relaxed afterward. I sleep great at night too!"

-Aisha Champagne

"I love Body Blitz because I feel it is a good, well rounded program that works out my entire body. I was sore after the first session, and I can't help but come back for more! The hour goes by so fast, and I leave feeling like I just got an awesome workout...which I did!"

-Sue Guzman

500 Calories Burned Per Session

Body-Blitz involves 2 teams of 4 participants challenging themselves and each other. Your team will switch between high intensity cardio and strength/core training every 6 minutes.

At the end of the class, you leave with a greater feeling of strength and energy - all while shedding 500 calories, improving your aerobic capacity, building stronger muscles and bones and connecting with other like-minded exercisers.

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