Best New Orleans Personal Trainer

Resistance training keeps muscles stronger, preserves and adds bone density, increases flexibility, ensures physical independence, and limits the likelihood of several chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, stroke, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol, colon cancer and physical frailty.

Resistance training also helps keep aging bodies physiologically younger than chronological age says they should be.

The Breakdown

Personalized Fitness

Our focus is the individual. You’re an individual and your body is unique. Your trainer and workout program should be unique also. For each client, we determine that person’s needs and desires. Then we design a comprehensive plan to achieve fitness and maintain fitness.

Award Winning Trainers

In four out the past five years, we’ve won awards for Best Personal Trainer, Best Fitness Boot Camp, and Best Pilates Classes. At Salire, you know you’re getting the best fitness training in New Orleans.

Scientifically Proven Results

All of our workouts are geared to work your body an up-tempo, functional, rotational, and asymmetrical fashion and are designed to prevent injury, increase quality of life, and burn 600 to 700 calories each.

What are you waiting for?


Individual Training

30 Minutes - $40

45 Minutes - $55

60 Minutes - $65

Couples Training

30 Minutes - $60

45 Minutes - $80

60 Minutes - $100


Salire Fitness Gym

Personal Training sessions are held at Salire’s studio:

214 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy
New Orleans, LA 70119