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A life coach is, before all else, a friend and a partner. A good life coach gives you structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration. Life is hard. So why go through it alone? Salire Fitness Wellness Coaching helps our clients learn, grow, and develop beyond what they would do alone.

We're dedicated to YOUR success. That means we take on different roles to suit your needs. Sometimes we will be your sounding board, other times your mentor, and sometimes a challenger using tough love. Whatever you need, we're here and we're ready to help.

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Our coaching partnership is unique because the total focus is on what you want to achieve, and how this partnership can enable you to reach your goals. We listen to your dreams and desires and will use compassion and enthusiasm to assist you, as we develop a strategy that meets your goals. We'll do all of this while working through obstacles and celebrating your victories along the way!

As wellness coaches, we're skilled in looking at a bigger picture of wellbeing and life issues that impact health issue. Wellness includes happiness, fitness, stress management, nutrition, weight loss, and health.

Award Winning Trainers. Award Winning Fitness.

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Client Testimonials

"After taking Life Coaching classes with has made all the difference in how I am looking at things. I wanted you to know this on a personal you share things with me and allow me the opportunity to look at them and give them fine tuning for my life has been incredible. I am really happy with loving who I am and where I am and where I want to be. I thank you for assisting me in realizing this! I just think you are amazing and have an amazing talent."

-Gilda Walker

"I wasn't getting the type of fitness results I was looking for. [At Salire] You will be trained according to your level of fitness and you will be coached so that you can gradually move up to that next level. I was never an athletic person but I'm amazed at how far I've come since I've been with Salire! I literally could not run one minute before and now I regularly run non-stop in local 5k and 10k races!"

-Aisha Champagne

"Nolan is the perfect combination of tough (He pushes me to give more, even when I think I've given all I can give.) and warm (He personally texts me to make sure I'm OK if I miss a class)"

-Jaquetta White

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