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Salire Fitness provides a Private One on One Fitness Coaching experience | Personal Trainer | Life Coaching | Group Fitness Boot camps for New Orleans | NOLA Premiere Fitness Center | Gym
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Established in 2005 by CEO Nolan Ferraro, Salire Fitness & Wellness is a private fitness studio located in Mid-City New Orleans at 214 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy. Our focus is the individual. You’re an individual and your body is unique, so your trainer and workout program should be unique also.

At Salire Fitness & Wellness you will learn how to use your body more efficiently and effectively, which will help you maximize your performance and results

Nolan V Ferraro

Nolan V Ferraro | Owner and Head Trainer

Nolan has been training clients along their journey of health and wellness for 18 years now. He loves every day that he is able to assist clients in becoming who God has called them to be while they enjoy a healthier, happier existence!

Nolan has a passion for life and wellness coaching. By combining coaching and personal training, he’s developed the mind/body/spirit connection that was missing in his earlier approaches to wellness. “I help clients affect change in many parts of their lives,” says Nolan. “Life coaching addresses the spiritual and mental aspects of life and is perfect for anyone struggling with focus, balance, clarity, purpose, and passion; while personal training addresses the physical and physiological wellness aspects. This holistic approach helps in creating a well rounded fully functioning person.”

Nolan has appeared all over the press hoping to spread the message of total wellness and real health. You’ll often times see him on WWL, FOX NEWS 8, WGNO, or WDSU as a featured contributor and he is currently a blogger for Where Y’at Magazine.

In 1994, Nolan received his certification from the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and immediately began training clients of all ages and stages of fitness throughout southeast Louisiana. He is currently a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the Diabetes Association of America, Wellness Councils of America, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, AFAA, the Society of NLP, and the prestigious ICF (International Coach Federation).

J. Wesley Johnson M.D.

J. Wesley Johnson M.D. | Trainer

As a physician, competitive cyclist, rock climber, and personal trainer, Wes lives for fitness and seeing what the body is capable of. Wes has been a competitive cyclist for the last 5 years and rock climbing for 6+ years, so he is no stranger to what it takes to achieve physical endurance. Wes has been personal training at Salire Fitness exclusively for the last 3.5 years and has enjoyed putting his medical knowledge towards physical fitness.

After graduating medical school in 2011 and moving to New Orleans shortly after, Wes realized he wanted use his knowledge of medicine in the fitness industry. Wes believes fitness is as much about self-confidence and mental happiness as it is physical ability. Physical achievement yields confidence and happiness, and those play positive roles in every facet of our everyday life. It’s Wes’s desire to help people achieve their goals both physically and mentally, and to see the positive ripple effect of that in people’s lives.

When Wes is not on a bicycle racing, a rock face or in the studio training, he is usually pursuing a career in music as a singer/song writer and guitarist or planning his next outdoor adventure. Wesley says, “persistence breeds achievement, and that’s the key to success in everything we attempt to obtain.