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Need Help With Your Youngster’s Fitness?

“Tyler has worked with Nolan and other trainers at Salire for a couple of years now. Tyler started mainly with the focus on flexibility and core conditioning to prevent injury as he was going through growth spurts and growing pains. Tyler has had success with injury free soccer seasons. He enjoys the workouts and training at Salire. The trainers push him to high standards. His strength and conditioning development is well realized at school fitness testing, as he continues to achieve high marks.

As a parent with a focus on overall health, it is important to me that Tyler get a solid foundation in proper instruction with training exercises. Salire has been responsive to my requests to ensure that Tyler learns and executes exercises correctly in order to prevent injury. I would recommend Salire training for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.”
— Trudy Robichaux

About Youth Fitness

In addition to training adults, we also offer youth training services focused on helping your adolescent and teen excel in their personal health and wellness as well as in athletics.

These physical fitness sessions are designed to help your adolescent or teen get up and get moving while improving their muscle strength, flexibility and enhancing their weight loss or weight gain efforts. We also offer Youth Life Coaching sessions for your adolescent or teen. Our Youth Life Coaching sessions are designed to assist your adolescent or teen enhance their focus, self-esteem, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Sports Specific Training

Our trainers can also work with your adolescent or teen to greatly improve their performance in sports such as soccer, baseball, football and swimming. We have proudly assisted adolescents and teens in improving the foundation of what makes an athlete great; things like core strengthening, speed, improved agility, improved proprioception skills, cardiovascular conditioning and overall muscle strengthening.

Contact us for more information.

New Orleans Youth Fitness

Premier youth fitness services designed to boost the confidence and fitness of youth participants.

““My son has been working with the trainers at Salire Fitness & Wellness for the past few months. My son plays competitive soccer and has unfortunately suffered several injuries over the past few years. I was looking for a way to help him prevent sports related injuries and to increase his overall strength, conditioning and flexibility. A friend recommended Salire fitness to us after witnessing success with her son for the same issues. I have been very impressed with the staff at Salire and pleased with his results. In just the few months he has been there he has noticed a tremendous difference in his conditioning and flexibility. His soccer team just went through an agility training and fitness session and my son exceeded all fitness levels. We have been very pleased with the trainers and the level of fitness and instruction he is receiving. I highly recommend Salire Fitness & Wellness for your young athlete.””
– Cherie Cabos


Please email us directly at to discuss Youth Fitness. We’re happy to work around your schedule.


Youth Fitness sessions are held at Salire’s studio: 214 N Norman C. Francis Pkwy New Orleans, LA 70119 or the location of your choice. Contact us for requests.


45 Minute Private Sessions

$50 per session

60 Minute Private Sessions

$60 per session

45 Minute Pair Session (Two Participants)

$35 per person

60 Minute Pair Session (Two Participants)

$45 per person

Small Groups (3 or more)

Call/email for more info