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New Orleans On-Site Fitness

For those of us with busy schedules, making time to drive to a gym or fitness facility and exercise can be difficult. That’s why Salire Fitness Personal Training is now available at your office, home, or hotel.

About On-Site Fitness

Salire Fitness knows that some times it is difficult to leave home or work to get that important workout. So, now we offer our award-winning personal fitness services on-site at your home, office or hotel gym. During our 45 minute or 60 minute personal training session we will give you a full body HIIT style training session complete with stretching, strength training, calisthenics and Mat Pilates exercises.

Our trainer will also arrive with one of our Wahoo Heart Rate monitors so that both you and our trainer can be sure that your workout is both safe and effective.

Salire offers both 45 minute and 60 minute options for individuals and couples. We also offer a 60 minute option for small groups of friends, family, or co-workers.

What Clients Say


“Nolan is the perfect combination of tough (He pushes me to give more, even when I think I’ve given all I can give.) and warm (He personally texts me to make sure I’m OK if I miss a session).

Jaquetta White


Please email us directly at to discuss On-Site Fitness. We’re happy to work around your schedule.


On-Site Fitness is held at your desired location in the Greater New Orleans area.


30 Minute Private Personal Training


45 Minute Private Personal Training


60 Minute Private Personal Training


45 Minute Couples Personal Training


60 Minute Couples Personal Training


Small Group Fitness Sessions

Please call/email for pricing