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NOLA Boot Camp for group fitness workout that builds muscles and camaraderie. We have Fitness Experts who workout your body with obstacle course, Pilates, calisthenics and cardio | Better than any gym.
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New Orleans Best Fitness Boot Camp

Winner of Gambit Magazine’s “New Orleans Best Fitness Boot Camp” –  Salire Fitness has set the bar for New Orlean’s outdoor fitness. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel better…we can help.

About Boot Camp

Salire Fitness’ Boot Camp was named Gambit’s #1 Rated Boot Camp by offering incredibly effective fitness sessions designed to help you lose weight, gain confidence, and boost energy; in a motivational group environment. We tailor the workouts for clients of “All Ages and Stages of Fitness” and do our best to make sure that you get a great workout regardless of your fitness level or experience.

Boot Camp is a 60-minute intense group fitness workout that builds muscles and camaraderie. We have used 2 decades of fitness experience and expertise to build a Boot Camp program that works for you.

You’ll be losing weight using the scientifically proven HIIT workout method (High Intensity Interval Training) incorporating body weight and dumbbells exercises, obstacle courses, Mat Pilates exercises, calisthenics, cardio and stretching. We assure you that this is the most well-rounded and comprehensive approach available and we have worked hard to also make it safe and enjoyable!

So join us for a fun, exciting, and effective one-hour workout at beautiful New Orleans’ City Park.

All fitness/experience levels are welcome.

What Clients Say

“Now, as a committed Boot Camper, I see changes in my body and weight. I feel stronger, more confident, and happier about myself. I’ve truly enjoyed this journey of becoming healthier.



“The workouts are challenging and diverse. Rarely do we do the same exercise for longer than a few minutes, which helps to keep not just my entire body engaged physically, it also challenges me mentally. I appreciate that the class can be completed by people of varying age and physical fitness levels. Nolan is the perfect combination of tough (He pushes me to give more, even when I think I’ve given all I can give.) and warm (He personally texts me to make sure I’m OK if I miss a class).

Jaquetta W.


“Before Salire, I had tried gyms, work out videos, spinning, jogging etc; but none of those kept me motivated enough to make it a habit or to truly push myself enough to notice improvement. Working out at Salire Boot Camp makes my day start on a good note and it gives me more energy. I feel better, more confident and I’ve noticed the changes that have happened to my body.

Angelica C.









Boot Camp Venue

We meet in City Park upfront by the New Orleans Museum of Art near the intersection of Carrollton Ave and LeLong.

Venue For Inclement Weather

We meet under the City Park Peristyle or across the street on the bricks in front of the City Putt mini golf area.

What To Bring

Yoga Mat



5 lb for women and 10 lb for men.


Optional, but recommended.


Monthly Unlimited Pass

Unlimited Sessions – $75

Single Day Pass

One Session – $10

Certifications & Awards